Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Messi: “the whole squad deserves this award”

Messi: “the whole squad deserves this award”


Leo Messi, voted 2008-09 Player of the Year and Forward of the Year, thanked his team mates for their support, whilst President Joan Laporta expressed his pride at the awards given to the team at the LFP ceremony in Madrid on Monday.

With 8 awards, Barca were the big winners at the LFP gala and Leo Messi was undoubtedly the star of the show, picking up two awards as Best Player and Best Forward. The recognition certainly didn't go to Messi's head though and after the ceremony he declared: “I was lucky that things went well for us, both on an individual and on a collective level. I'm very happy with everything I've achieved so far, but all the squad deserves this trophy for the great season we put in last year and the titles we won”.

Laid back
The awards came at sweet moment for the players, following the 6-1 win over Zaragoza and Messi commented: “we were lucky enough to be able to play our own game, control it and score six goals. I always need good games to be at my best”, It's been Messi at his best that has caught the football world's attention and made him a firm favourite for this year's Footballer of the Year Award, but Messi is as laid back about that as he is about everything: “I'm relaxed, but obviously it'd be a very special to win both awards”.

Laporta grateful

FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta was also present at the ceremony and was clearly pleased with the evening's proceedings: “I'm very proud and grateful to the league for the recognition and also especially to our players and staff who've made us such an admired club”. Laporta also spoke of Samuel Eto'o: “I've only got words of thanks for everything he did as a Barca player during his five years at the club. I'll always love him, regardless of any questions that are still outstanding between us. I wish him lots of luck at Inter”.

On the right track

Laporta also commented on the great start the team have made to this season: “I think we are on the right track, continuing the good work we did last season with the same spirit of sacrifice and playing with the same intensity. We respect everybody's opinion, but we think that this team has a lot to give still and we believe that we have to continue in the same way we have so far, showing maximum intensity and commitment . We mustn't stop playing the Barca way that has brought ius so much success”.

Finally, Laporta didn't rule out any signings in the winter transfer market: “we want to continue with what we planned, but if the technical staff see the need for new signings, they have the final word”

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