Saturday, September 12, 2009

Barcelona Getafe regret the opportunities and beaten by two clear goals

Lionel Messi - Barcelona (PA)

Barcelona more than a lackluster performance in the first half to seal the game in the second half, and needles shine and grabbed and manufactures

Barca have made an important win two straight over Getafe in the match at Getafe's stadium, "Coliseum Alfonso Perez."

First half ended goalless despite the obvious superiority of Getafe, who missed two chances Mhakqtin by Albin, who hit a beautiful ball hit the crossbar after 12 minutes and by Roberto Soldado, who played a double backhand hit the post a difficult situation.

In the second half payment Pep Guardiola asterisk Andreas Iniesta for the first time since 4 months and then Balsahr Argentine Lionel Messi Vdant preference to approach guests and Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a view of the subtle touch in 66 minutes instead of an opportunity made for himself brilliantly at the end of the first half but Argentina keeper Oscar Ustari cope with them.

There were not a big reaction from Getafe - which seemed to him regret what was lost in the first half - Messi, killing the game in minute 80 when he was Zlatan Ibrahimovic - who escaped in the second half from the control of Kata Diaz - a cross from Dani Alves then played religious duties in a manner beautiful Lionel Messi, who developed easy-to-head, declaring the end of the match victory Deb important and place it in the lead with six points, leaving Getafe - the former leader - when the three points collected last week.

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