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2009/2010 shirt numbers revealed

2009/2010 shirt numbers revealed

The summer transfer market now closed, the club has announced what shirt numbers the players will be wearing in the 2009/2010 season.

There are not too many changes to the shirt numbers with respect to the ones that were already worn in the two Super Cup matches and in Monday night’s league match. But three of last year’s players have new numbers. One is Dani Alves, who will wear ‘2’ instead of ‘20’; Sergio Busquets, who will wear ‘16’ instead of ‘28’; and Pedro, who takes number ‘17’ rather than ‘27’.

Three new signings

2009-07-27_PRESENTACION_IBRAHIMOVIC_07.jpgThere are three new faces in Josep Guardiola’s squad. Ibrahimovic will wear ‘9’ on his back (previously donned by Samuel Eto’o), Maxwell takes ‘19’ (a number last worn by Messi two years ago) and Dmitro Txigrinski takes ‘21’ (last year that was Hleb).

4 reserves

There are also four reserve players that will most probably be getting the occasional first team call-up. These are Jonathan, with ‘28’, Fontàs, with ‘32’, Muniesa, with ‘33’, and Jeffren, with ‘35’.

Going spare

For a variety of reasons there are five numbers that nobody will be wearing this year. Oddly, nobody will be wearing ‘7’ (formerly worn by Gudjohnsen), and neither are there any takers for ‘20’ (for Dani Alves has switched to ‘2’), ‘25’ (formerly Albert Jorquera), ‘27’ (which was Pedro’s) or ‘29’ (last worn by Víctor Sánche

So, the complete list of shirt numbers in Josep Guardiola squad reads as follows:

1 Valdés
2 Alves
3 Piqué
4 Márquez
5 Puyol
6 Xavi
8 Iniesta
9 Ibrahimovic
10 Messi
11 Bojan
13 Pinto
14 Henry
15 Keita
16 Sergio B.
17 Pedro
18 Milito
19 Maxwell
21 Txigrinski
22 Abidal
24 Touré
28 Jonathan
32 Fontàs
33 Muniesa

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