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Gerard Pique: Do not keep Samuel Aitulanh source of risk in forward!!!

Gerard Piqué y Samuel Eto'o

Me now. Gerard Pique continue to fight the big challenges. It is since his arrival the team last season, he was able to book a seat in the basic starting lineup. And has been a key piece in the Group of Pep Guardiola, who won three. Especially in the Champions League when the coach asked him to monitor Cristiano Ronaldo in the final of Rome and has already succeeded to the task. Is still evolving. He is now a key piece in the team del Bosque ", Spain" as it is the top scorer in the team although he's a defender as he scored three goals in 9 games with the team. And on the day after tomorrow. Pique will run a new experience in front of a powerful adversary. Situsband and this time with former teammate Samuel Eto'o. "Be careful and not give them the area." This is the way they thought it would make Pique team emerge victorious from Jawsepe Meazza stadium.

What do you think the second win Ballega?

"We're a good way. But we must understand that there are many things in the future. Important thing is we won and we got three points from a difficult against a team as complex as Getafe."

How do you assess Cegrinski for the debut?

"Although it was the first game. I think he'll adapt to the team very quickly. It's a very good player. Gave me great comfort in the Getafe match. And I think he will do a lot for the team."

Have you talked with him?

"He speaks English. As he learns Spanish quickly and he knows its now. But football can help you to understand the larger player, and I think that this is the fastest way for mutual understanding between colleagues within the pitch."

Day after tomorrow, will play against Ito. How do you feel before going to this meeting against him?

"It is things happen in football. Colleagues may be players competing in other teams. Positive thing is that you know how to play well. And negative thing is the same. He knows us very well too."

So how Sthdon of gravity?

"It's a serious player in the penalty area. So it must be banned. Should be removed from the area as much as possible and prevent it from receiving more passes. This is the best way possible."

And you talked with Eto'o before the meeting?

"I do not. But before they got out of the team spoke to me and wished me good luck. I had a good relationship with him. It's a great player. And has helped us greatly in order to achieve a triple."

Is there a fear of Ito being a player in Barcelona?

"I'm sure he will try to give all he has and try to register in the range of Barcelona. This is expected. He is a very enthusiastic player and play against Barcelona might give more incentive to score goals. But anyway, we will try to stop him."

Do you think that team could emulate the tripartite you achieved last season?

"We know that it is complicated. But we have all the possibilities that will help us to replicate this feat. The problem is that in 109 years has not been achieved Troika. Fairey that it is very difficult to achieve in three successive seasons. I think that this is complicated."

And what about the money spent by the great Real Madrid?

"They have contracts worth large. They are in very need for such a thing. Because they want to compete with the team that won three. The team has achieved everything. So they are working to compete with the team and win trophies as well."

Go back to the league. Is it true that the Barcelona and Madrid are the favorite to win Ballega?
"So everyone thinks. But anything can happen in football. And possibly to battle another team to achieve the title. But Barcelona and Madrid are the candidates always. But to achieve another team of the tournament was also possible."

Great tournament, the Champions League. And this year's League final will be at the Bernabeu?

"Everyone wants to be in the final of the Champions League. But for the Collis Vallab in this final will be something special. And the desire to do so especially well. Will win the championship this year is very beautiful."
Is the Champions League is a tournament favorite for you?

Aside from that. But there are 7 or 8 great teams competing for this title. There are 3 or 4 from England, 3 from Italy, Barcelona and Real Madrid. These teams are favorites to win the tournament. If there is Mcrahin many. But it would be of achieving victories in Madrid. "

Is the World Cup for clubs is a great challenge for you and for the team this season?

"Yes. It is something obvious. Barcelona have not won this tournament before and we want to achieve. I hope to be one of the first team to win this tournament. Win this tournament is very important for a club that win will be the first in history."

Finally .. How do you see Ibrahimovic?

"He has more and make his mark, but beautifully. Zlatan has a great talent. And a lot of physical strength as he copes with the team quickly. I think that it would be a very important player in the team."

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